Detroit family’s home collapses as landlord refuses to answer calls

Detroit business steps up to help family in need

Local 4 Defenders investigate after home collapses

DETROIT – A house belonging to a mother and her daughter on Detroit’s west side came collapsed over the weekend, and they said their landlord wouldn’t answer their calls.

Eva Hunter, 77, and her daughter, Nikki, were renting a home on West Philadelphia Street on Detroit’s west side. Over the weekend, the house came crashing down.

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“We don’t have any help,” Nikki said. “She is scared.”

What was first reported as a porch collapse turned out to be much worse, the Local 4 Defenders have learned.

Despite a crumbling facade outside and ceiling and structural damage inside, Hunter said their landlord would not answer their calls.

Local 4 called the city’s chief building enforcement officer, Jessica Parker. She said the landlord owns the home and didn’t register it as a rental property. The landlord has had past violations, she said.

With the landlord not showing up, Orlando Robinson had no problem coming through for the family.

His company, D&D Innovations, can fix just about any home, and he said he’s going to help Eva and Nikki.

The family will now be able to move to a safe place to call home.

You can watch Shawn Ley’s full story in the video posted above.

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