Thousands of Michiganders struggling to get answers about unemployment targeted by new scam

Scammers offering help in exchange for cash on social media

Scammers promising help with getting through unemployment
Scammers promising help with getting through unemployment

DETROIT – A new scam is targeting thousands of Michigan residents who are still struggling to get answers about their unemployment benefits.

Scammers are on social media offering people help with their unemployment problems in exchange for cash.

Navigating the unemployment system in Michigan has been a major challenge. Thousands of viewers have reached out to Help Me Hank with stories about their struggles.

Scams have made the process even more difficult, and now, there’s a warning from Attorney General Dana Nessel about scammers on social media.

Those scammers are offering help to Michiganders, but unfortunately, they only want to steal their money.

Messages have been popping up online, mainly on Facebook.

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There’s no secret way to get what you need with the snap of a finger. These scammers claim to be insiders charging for information, but that’s not the case. Most people get very little help and lose money.

“There is no guarantee that these answers have been vetted or that the individuals promising to help can actually do so,” Nessel said. “Do not, under any circumstances, pay a fee or offer up your personal information to someone on social media.”

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