Menards security guards faces charges in 2nd incident involving injured customers

Charges for the Aug. 8 incident against the guard have been dropped

LIVONIA, Mich. – A store security guard was charged with assault and it appears it may not be an isolated incident.

It’s the same security guard who was involved in an incident Aug. 8, in which a customer at a Menards store said his leg was broken over a dispute over wearing a mask.

James Cullen, 69, had a liver transplant not long ago. He said he could have been seriously hurt when he was thrown into the air and onto the floor by a security guard at the Livonia Menards. He said the security guard cursed at him for trying to exit through the entrance.

It happened Aug. 27.

The guard, Gil Bromm, was charged with assault.

Cullen’s attorney said Bromm is the same guard who was seen on camera throwing another customer to the ground just days before.

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“What was Menards thinking keeping him there?" said defense attorney Greg Rohl. “It’s ridiculous.”

“That guy ought to be out of here just for your own good, just as a corporate mentality,” Cullen said. "Suspended until the investigation or something.”

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