Man says Menards security guard in Livonia broke his leg for not wearing mask despite medical reason

Man claims security guard broke his leg during takedown

LIVONIA, Mich. – A man claims a security guard at Menards in Livonia broke his leg during a takedown for not wearing a mask even though he had a medical reason for not doing so.

The Local 4 Defenders obtained Livonia police body camera footage of Steven Blake, of Westland, being placed into a wheelchair and taken to a nearby hospital.

Blake said a security guard at the Livonia Menards location broke his leg Aug. 8 during a takedown. Blake said the security guard told him he had to wear a mask and pointed at a sign.

Blake claims he tried to explain that he wasn’t wearing a mask due to a health issue but couldn’t get a word in before the guard got in his face.

“His face shield pressed up against my face,” Blake said.

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer issued an order that if someone can’t physically wear a mask, businesses have the right to turn them away. They have to offer to get the items and bring them curbside, though.

The security guard told police he informed Blake of the policy. Blake said the security guard never did so.

“I would have left if he would have told me that,” Blake said. “I am not going if they don’t want me there.”

Blake is the one who got charged with misdemeanor assault. Attorney Greg Rohl, who is representing Blake, said the security guard was the aggressor.

“The guy went overboard,” Rohl said. “No doubt about it.”

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