Informant in plot against Whitmer indicted on weapons charges

Indictment could impact trial against men suspected domestic terrorism

Feds indict one of their own key wtinesses in Whitmer kidnapping case
Feds indict one of their own key wtinesses in Whitmer kidnapping case

LANSING, Mich. – Local 4 Defenders have given viewers exclusive looks at key evidence in the case against the men accused of wanting to kidnap or kill Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and launch politically-motivated domestic terror attacks.

A lot of the evidence in the trial was provided by key FBI informants.

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The informants infiltrated the group, made videos, recorded conversations, took screen captures of secret texts.

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The FBI has named one of their key informants as Steven Robeson from Wisconsin. He has also indicted for possessing a .50 caliber rifle as a felon. By naming him, his past has been dug up.

“You never want to start a case where the defense is able to point a finger at somebody on your side,” said Local 4 legal analyst Neil Rockind.

Attorneys for the men will argue the men were just talking about the plot and the FBI’s own informants helped train the men, allegedly pushing the plot forward.

Now that there’s been a major breakdown between the feds and one of their informants, what will happen to all the evidence he gathered?

“If it is just him, if he is the only one, it will be difficult to admit those recording,” Rockind said.

The FBI had two other informants on the inside collecting information and one of the men involved in the suspected plot has plead guilty and will testify against the others.

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