Family sues Redford Township police over rough arrest they say led to death of 58-year-old man

Incident happened in 2019

A family is suing Redford police and Redford Township over the rough arrest of an older man with health problems who later died.

REDFORD TOWNSHIP, Mich. – A family is suing Redford Township police and Redford Township over the rough arrest of a 58-year-old man with health problems who later died.

Video obtained by the Local 4 Defenders shows an officer tripping the man to the floor of the township offices and using his Taser twice on him. The man later died.

The video appears to show a police officer taking down the man with a swift kick to his legs to knock him to the floor.

In his report, officer Ramirez states that he first put his hands on 58-year-old Baha Jundy when Jundy was sitting down. He said his case was about a ticket he got for long grass. The video shows Ramirez grab Jundy and Jundy pulls back.

In his report, Ramirez writes that he, “took Baha to the ground by using my right foot to trip him.”

Then there was another struggle. The officer jumps up and uses his taser on Jundy. A closer look shows that when the Taser strikes, Jundy hits his head on a counter. Ramirez then hits Jundy again with the Taser.

The incident happened in June 2019. Jundy died in November. His wife said the rough arrest led to immediate kidney failure, then a stroke ten days later. The family is suing, arguing that the arrest caused a wrongful death.

“Number one, he should never have been arrested to begin with. He was not a threat to anyone,” family attorney Majed Moughni said.

A township employee called police and reported that Jundy was irate over the ticket but then calmed down. An employee and the officer asked him to leave, but he wanted the issue resolved.

He went to the township offices to dispute the ticket.

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