Detroit man sickened after eating chicken head

Man spends New Year's Eve at ER with food poisoning

DETROIT - A Detroit man has been given his money back from a restaurant where he said he mistakenly was served a chicken head that gave his food poisoning.

On Monday, Local 4 spoke with Clarence Lewis, who said he spend New Year's Eve at the hospital after he ate a chicken tenders meal from Zorba's Fine Food at McNichols Road and Gunston Avenue.

"I noticed a crunch feel, but I didn't know what it was, and it just went down and cut my throat. I just gagged it up," he said.

Lewis had choked on a chick's head which was fried up with the rest of the chicken tenders meal.

After his night in the hospital where he was treated for food poisoning, Lewis returned to the restaurant to confront them about the meal that made him so violently sick.

The restaurant apologized and has since given his money back, blaming the major chicken processor it gets its meat from. When Local 4 was inside the restaurant, all employees wore gloves and the bag of frozen chicken strips looked like a quality. The restaurant said the cook should have inspected Lews' meal before serving it to him, but that the fried head was a bizarre and isolated incident that would never happen again.

Lewis was following up with his doctor and with an attorney. He wants the chicken processor to know what showed up at Zorba's.

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