Detroit police seek person of interest in connection with shots 'randomly' fired into homes

Video shows shooter firing into elderly woman's home

DETROIT - A manhunt is underway as police have identified a person of interest in connection with the random shooting of homes on Detroit's west side.

Local 4 showed video Wednesday of a man firing shots into an elderly woman's home on Clairmount Avenue.

On Thursday, police released a photo of a person of interest in the case. Officials said they want to talk to him about seven shootings in the area.

Five shootings happened on the 2900 block of Clairmount Avenue. Other shootings happened on the 3200 block of Taylor Street and 3300 block of Pingree Street.

The seemingly random shootings in the neighborhood began in July, police said.

"The first incident, an elderly woman's house was shot up multiple times," Detroit police Chief James Craig said.

Craig said it happened five times at the woman's house, most recently Monday. Surveillance video shows a man firing shots through windows and doors at the woman's home.

"This creates a lot of fear in that community and we are asking for the community's help to identify and bring this person out," Craig said.

Two other homes nearby were also targeted by early-morning gunfire.

"We're not going to tolerate that," Craig said.

Police aren't sure about the man's motive, but they want to talk to the person of interest.

"This person of interest is known in the neighborhood to open carry primarily assault-type weapons," Craig said.

Residents are alarmed by the ordeal.

"It's very disturbing when you hear about someone who's out and about just thinking to do harm to other people," resident Dominique Thorpe said.

Thorpe wants the man terrorizing the neighborhood to get caught.

"Hopefully he can get some help, they can fix whatever's going on with the hate in his heart for him to go and shoot up random people's homes, and hopefully he'll just be brought to justice," Thorpe said.

Police believe the first step to catching the shooter is finding the person of interest.

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