Detroit tax office owner describes shooting

Detroit office guard wounded in shooting last week

By Will Jones - Reporter

DETROIT - When a man opened fire last week at Tax City on Detroit's east side, the owner said she ran for cover.

Briana Gilchrist was conducting business as usual at her office on Gratiot Avenue, when a man who was with a woman expecting a state tax refund check became enraged.

"We have no control. It's all up to the IRS. We tell people this constantly," Gilchrist said.

But, with eight people in the tax preparation office, the man became more enraged. When a shoving match began, Briana Gilchrist tried to intervene and was punched.

"When he punched me I just came back but my back was turned, so when I heart the gunshots, I just automatically ran to the back with everybody else.  What I heard was, I've been shot, I've been shot" Gilchrist said.

The office security guard was shot several times. He remains hospitalized. Two female employees were hit in the hand and leg, another had a grazing wound to the face.

Police arrested 19-year-old Xzavier Mazyck. He faces several charges for the shooting.

Briana Gilchrist said when she reopens her tax preparation office, she will have surveillance cameras and other security in place.

Xzavier Mazyck

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