Elderly woman carjacked in Commerce Township

74-year-old woman waiting in car for husband is taken for ride to Pontiac, robbed by suspect


What was supposed to be a quick trip for dinner turned out to be much more for one elderly couple in Commerce Township.

The 74-year-old woman stayed in the car while her husband went inside a Subway store on 14 Mile Road and Haggerty. The man was only in the store for five minutes and when he returned to the parking lot, he discovered his wife and their car missing. The man knew something was wrong as his wife is handicap and does not drive.

"It was kind of panicked, but he was walking back and forth, back and forth," said Subway employee Matt Iskander. "He was saying he couldn't find his wife, she got kidnapped. Eventually a couple people from the plaza called the cops."

A short while later the man's wife called 911 on her cell phone. She told police she was carjacked and dropped off somewhere in Pontiac.

Deputies from the Oakland County Sheriff's Department found the woman and the car on Legrand Street near Putnam. The wife told police that a man wearing gloves got into the car at Subway and started to drive away.

"It's crazy especially down in this city," said Iskander.

The victim says the suspect drove her to Pontiac, parked the car and robbed her before he ran away. Thankfully the woman was not hurt; police continue to investigate.

A description of the suspect hasn't yet been released, but police did collect surveillance footage from the area.

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