Trial date still not set nearly year after Paul Whelan arrested in Russia

Whelan’s brother provides another update

DETROITPaul Whelan was arrested by police in Russia nearly a year ago. He still does not have a trial date.

His brother, David, said he was mentioned when Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov met with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo this week.

David Whelan called Lavrov’s comments about his brother, who has been accused of being a spy, “mostly false assertions.”

“The ministry of foreign affairs in Russia suggested he is using spy training to make himself into some sort of martyr and he actually doesn’t have any health conditions that are of any concern," David Whelan said.

David Whelan says that Paul Whelan needs hernia surgery that Russians have denied.

He also noted that while lower-level officials in Michigan have been helpful regarding his brother’s situation, Pompeo wasn’t.

“He had an opportunity there to stand up for Paul in the American citizen’s house and failed to do so," David Whelan said.

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