Barricaded gunman situation on Detroit’s east side ends after 3-day standoff

DETROIT – A barricaded gunman situation on Detroit’s east side ended Thursday after three days of police trying to coax the man out of the home.

The man was taken into police custody without incident.

Police said the situation started when the gunman fired shots at a neighbor’s home Tuesday morning.

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Chief James Craig described the man as a survivalist and that officers worked to earn the trust of the man to extract him without force.

It happened at a home on Pekley Street, near Seven Mile and Schoennher roads.

The neighborhood was filled Thursday with police cruisers and vehicles from the Department of Homeland Security.

Craig said DPD made several attempts to get the man outside the home including pouring water inside his home to flood him out and cutting his power.

Craig, who first became a police officer in 1977, said it’s the first time seeing a situation of this magnitude when it comes to a gunman barricaded in a home.

“This is probably the first time I have seen a standoff last this long,” Craig said. “As you know, this suspect exhibited some significant signs of being dangerous.”

Craig said the barricaded gunman had a very short criminal record but was involved in a similar situation in 2017.

In a press conference Thursday afternoon, Craig said mental health needed to be addressed by elected officials more thoroughly.

“We need to do better,” Craig said.

The investigation is ongoing.

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