Oakland County steps up police presence on Southfield Road to deter speeding

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. – When Southfield Freeway becomes Southfield Road at the Lodge, many drivers aren’t adjusting to the speed limit change -- resulting in a dangerous area.

Police are aiming to change that, so expect to see a lot more blue and red flashing lights throughout Southfield, Lathrup Village and Beverly Hills.

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Since 2018, those three cities have seen an increase in crashed related to speed. Elvin Barren, the Southfield police chief, said collisions are happening daily along M-39 with the biggest area between Nine Mile and 14 Mile roads.

With lots of dining, shopping and entertainment throughout the communities, drivers speed through the area to get in and out as quickly as possible.

Barren wants those drivers to consider this a warning to drive the speed limit or get pulled over.

Local residents said they appreciate the added police patrols and feel safer in the area because of it.

Barren said the police departments involved aren’t doing it to make more money by ticketing drivers, but that traffic data shows the holiday shopping season as when speeding is at its worst.

Extra officers will be watching for drivers between 9 Mile and 14 Mile roads from now through March 2020.

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