To regift or not to regift? The etiquette for passing on presents

Avoid awkward encounters

DETROIT – Giving a gift you received to someone else is fine, but there’s some rules to remember when regifting.

Melanie Berliet, with lifestyle website The Spruce, said following a protocol for regifting will help you avoid awkwardness and keep you from looking tacky.

“You, first and foremost, want to remember the original gifter to avoid re-gifting something to them,” Berliet said.

On a similar note, don’t pass a gift you were given off to someone else in your friend group.

“You want to regift outside of your tribe or friend group,” she said. “To again avoid an awkward situation.”

Berliet said that while there is nothing wrong with regifting, don’t regift perishable items.

You also shouldn’t regift tacky, offensive or cheap gifts.

“I think you should avoid re-gifting anything that you believe to be outright tacky,” Berliet.

If you have a tacky gift you don’t want, donate it instead.

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