71-year-old war vet scares off men breaking into Detroit home

Thieves break into home to steal from man with Alzheimer's
Thieves break into home to steal from man with Alzheimer's

DETROIT – Surveillance video captured thieves breaking into the home of a 71-year-old war veteran with Alzheimer’s disease Monday.

The family said unexpected visitors knocked on Robert Garner’s front door on Detroit’s west side.

“I assume they wanted to see if someone was home,” Dominique Hunt said. “They didn’t receive an answer.”

Hunt said the the group went to the back of her grandfather’s house and used a trash can to access a window. A security camera was turned away before a brick was thrown through the window.

“My grandfather heard the window break and that’s when he made some noise," Hunt said. "It scared them off.”

The family called police after the saw the video.

“They told us we had to make a report over the phone due to the suspects not being in the home at the moment of the call,” Hunt said.

So they turned to a different group for help -- The People’s Action.

“We’re here to protect the ones that can’t protect themselves,” said Tyon Hawkins, with The People’s Action.

The People’s Action said they want to help the young men who tried to break into the home.

“We condemn the behavior," said Dujuan Zoekennedy. "But we don’t demonize you. We want to give you resources”

The family and The People’s Action will now keep an eye on the house to keep Gardner safe.

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