VIDEO: Pontiac man charged with 40 felonies after multiple failed carjackings, police pursuit

Dashcam video shows the end of a violent crime spree.

PONTIAC, Mich. – Mark Jerome Hoover Jr. was arraigned Tuesday on 40 counts of felony charges after a 90-minute crime spree across Pontiac.

According to authorities, a police pursuit ended Friday after an Oakland County Sheriff’s Deputy used a precision immobilization technique on the vehicle Hoover was reportedly driving.

The Oakland County Sheriff’s Office said Hoover is responsible for 10 incidents across Pontiac within less than two hours.

Police said Hoover attempted to take a purse from a woman on Ferry Avenue at about 5:33 p.m. but was unsuccessful and ran to his residence across the street, in front of the woman. When deputies arrived, Hoover allegedly escaped out a window.

In the 400 block of Jessie Street, police said he entered a car in a driveway and threatened nearby children with a handgun, demanding the keys. The children, police said, did not give him the keys.

Police said Hoover then approached a woman in a vehicle near the intersection of Osmun and Sanford streets, threatened her with a handgun and demanded she stop her vehicle. Police said the woman did not stop and instead accelerated, striking Hoover with the vehicle.

Authorities said Hoover then approached a woman in a car on Willard Street, opened the door, threatened her with a handgun and demanded she get out. Police said the woman began to kick Hoover, yell and honk her horn until he ran off.

Hoover was able to obtain a vehicle briefly on Whittermore Street, police said. He allegedly threatened a woman and her granddaughter in a driveway with a handgun and was given the keys. Authorities said he was unable to start the car and ran to a nearby vehicle on Jessie Street that was left running. The vehicle was abandoned on the side of the road shortly after.

Police said Hoover then broke into a house on Norton Avenue and threatened to kill the homeowner, who then attacked Hoover.

After fleeing, police said he approached a vehicle on Matthews Street that had two adults and four children under the age of seven inside. Hoover alleged threatened the driver with the handgun, demanded everyone exit the vehicle and struck the driver with the handgun. The driver, police said, drove off.

Authorities said Hoover forced his way into an Amazon delivery truck on Cass Avenue and drove off with the victim still in the truck. Police said he pointed the handgun at the driver as he drove and said he was going to rape her. The woman jumped from the vehicle but her foot became stuck. Police said she was dragged for about 50 feet. Hoover abandoned the Amazon truck after crashing.

According to authorities, the Amazon driver was treated for her injuries and was released from a hospital. She is expected to be OK.

Police said Hoover then approached a running vehicle on Gladstone Place and demanded two of the three occupants exit, keeping the driver in the vehicle. During this period, authorities said Hoover continued to threaten the driver with the handgun until the vehicle was stopped by Oakland County Sheriff’s Deputies. He was taken into custody at 7:03 p.m.

Video of the PIT maneuver that ended the spree can be seen below.

  • 9 counts Carjacking
  • 1 count unarmed robbery
  • 1 count armed robbery
  • 18 counts possession of a firearm in the commission of a felony
  • 1 count unlawful driving away of an automobile
  • 1 count attempted unlawful driving away of an automobile
  • 1 count home invasion, first degree
  • 2 counts kidnapping
  • 1 count criminal sexual conduct -- assault with the intent to sexual penetration
  • 1 count assault with intent to do great bodily harm less than murder
  • 1 count assault with the intent to commit a felony
  • 1 count fleeing, third degree
  • 1 count carrying concealed weapons
  • 1 count resisting and obstructing

The handgun recovered, police said, was a loaded Ruger semi-automatic 9mm firearm and was registered to Hoover.

Hoover, who had no prior criminal history, faces life in prison if convicted. He was denied bond and is expected to return to court Jan. 2.

Mark Hoover was arraigned Tuesday on 40 felony charges.
Mark Jerome Hoover Jr. (WDIV)

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