Your sleeping problems are inherited, study suggests

Kids with insomnia likely have parents with same sleeping problem

Your sleep problems might be inherited
Your sleep problems might be inherited

If you have trouble sleeping, you can probably blame your parents for it.

Sleeping problems in people are more common among those who have parents with a history of sleeping issues, a new study suggests. The study, published in the Sleep Medicine journal, found that children with parents who suffered from insomnia were 1/3 more likely than others to also suffer from insomnia.

“The familiar aggregation of many sleep disturbances was not explained by investigated lifestyle and environmental factors. This supports a heritable factor in sleep problems,” reads an excerpt from the study.

A lack of sleep has been found to make people more anxious and impair their memory.

Read the full study here: “Sleep time and sleep-related symptoms across two generations – results of the community-based RHINE and RHINESSA studies