Frame Works shop owner in Plymouth works to reunite families with precious memories

27 pieces are still a mystery

PLYMOUTH, Mich. – A Metro Detroit business owner is trying to help families get back something money can’t buy -- precious memories.

Frame Works, located in downtown Plymouth, specializes in framing items but in this case the business owner is concerned with items that go into the frames and returning them to the people they belong to.

Sometime in the last 45 years, someone left photos at Frame Works, but never returned. Five years ago the owner made it her mission to find out who the photos belong to.

The shop is a former bank and inside the vault are original art pieces, photos and even documents. Those items were left at Frame Works at some point since the business moved into the building in 1975.

“I find artwork and photos and wonder who the people are, where do they belong?” owner Cindy Eckley said.

Though her investigation Eckley has sent about 70 pieces back to family, but there are 27 pieces that are still a mystery. There’s a high school diploma, a team photo from 1914 and a portrait of a bride.

Eckley posted items online and has gotten a few hits, but now she’s stuck and left to come up with stories.

“This looks like Tom Brady’s father, but why would he be in Plymouth?” Eckley said.

Eckley hopes someone sees the photos and it sparks a memory.

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