Dearborn firefighters will move back into Fire Station No. 5 after mold cleanup

DEARBORN, Mich. – A group of Dearborn firefighters will move back into Fire Station No. 5 in Melvindale after they had to relocate due to high levels of mold.

When news broke last week that Dearborn’s Fire Station No. 5 was unsafe to be in, there was frustration. Firefighters were forced to stay in their trucks all night, in the cold, waiting to respond to emergencies.

But that was only on Thursday of last week. It’s been five days since. Firefighters moved cots into Melvindale’s Community Center for a temporary home.

A sewage back-up a few weeks ago at the station in Melvindale revealed mold in some of the walls of the firehouse -- high levels of mold. The mold remediation crew said they like to see a room with about a 50-point mold level. But in one area of the firehouse they received a reading of 236. The station house was shut down.

After cleanup and remediation, firefighters should be able to move back on Tuesday.

A city spokesperson said:

“The environmental test results came back with good results. Alas, it is going to take a little bit more time to get the station back in order, since the contractors need to remove the plastic sheets and other precautionary material that were put in place while the surfaces with mold were being removed. So, we appreciate our firefighters patience and look forward to them reoccupying station No. 5 on Tuesday."

They will be moving back into the station Tuesday afternoon, a city spokeswoman said.

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