Chili Pepper’s Tanning in Shelby Township closed after hidden cameras discovered

Parents of possible victims plan on filing police reports

The hidden cameras were found recently by an off-duty officer.

SHELBY TOWNSHIP, Mich. – Police are asking people whose privacy might have been violated by hidden cameras that were uncovered at Chili Pepper’s Tanning in Shelby Township to come forward.

The hidden cameras were found recently by an off-duty officer. Since the discovery was made public, the business has closed. It is expected to be reopen Sunday. Meanwhile, the business is checking other locations for possible hidden cameras.

Chili Pepper’s Tanning has hired a private investigator to search for other cameras and even changed the locks on all its businesses in addition to installing new security cameras at them.

ORIGINAL STORY: Off-duty officer finds hidden cameras inside Chili Pepper’s Tanning salon in Shelby Township

Chili Pepper’s Tanning has come under fire since the discovery. Now we are hearing from horrified customers and former employees who tan and worked at the Chili Pepper’s Tanning Shelby Township location. They just want to know whether there is video or photos of them getting undressed when they thought they had privacy.

“Shocked, didn’t believe it,” said a former employee who does not want to be identified.

Not only does this woman tan at the Chili Pepper’s Tanning in Shelby Township, she worked there for years and knows the location well.

On Friday night an off-duty police officer noticed a camera hidden in a room at the Shelby Township location. Police were there until 5 a.m. looking for additional cameras and investigating who put the cameras in place.

“We deep clean and detail. We would have saw something like that,” said the former employee.

Chili Pepper’s Tanning management responded right away saying the business is also a victim and did not know about the cameras. The business says they must have been placed secretly by someone who came in from the outside.

Customers are in complete shock. Many parents are outraged. Some have daughters in their teens and twenties who go there. A lot of parents are planning on making police reports.

“I am going to go to the Shelby Township Police Department tomorrow. This is ridiculous,” said a customer of the business. “I am shocked, never thought in a million years that would happen. I like the people. I like the environment. They are clean. The company has high standards, but this is scary.”

Local 4 spoke with investigators who say they are checking to see if the cameras were operational and investigating who is responsible for installing them.

Chili Pepper’s Tanning has offered a $5,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Shelby Township Police Department at 586-731-2121.

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