Redford Township residents warned about string of home break-ins

Neighbors along Five Mile Road warned about recent home invasions

Police are investigating a string of home break-ins in Redford Township.

REDFORD TOWNSHIP, Mich. – Redford Township police took to Facebook to alert residents in neighborhoods along Five Mile Road about several recent home invasions.

Police said the criminals are waiting for people to go to work before busting out windows and getting into homes.

Officials are asking anyone who heard something suspicious -- such as glass breaking -- to call authorities because it could be the sound of thieves getting into a neighbor’s home.

“We’re a pretty close-knit neighborhood,” resident Amanda Gleason said. “A few of us have pretty young kids.”

Gleason is one of several neighbors on the block who have spotted suspicious activity.

“We had two cars in the last month on the corner for four to five hours,” Gleason said. “Yesterday, we had a car and a neighbor approached and they flashed an ATT badge and we called ATT and nobody was in the area.”

Her husband snapped a picture of the vehicle in question. Residents are worried because of children in the area who like to play outside.

“They noticed it, too,” Gleason said. “They said, ‘Mom, that car moved one block and stood for another hour.’ I said, ‘Please don’t approach it,’ and the other mom noticed it, too. It is concerning because we did hear that there were more break-ins.”

Just a few blocks away, across Five Mile Road, Dianne Ruhlandt and her neighbors have been vigilant, as well. She said that was before the rash of home invasions.

“We’re cautious, but we’re not fearful,” Ruhlandt said. “We look out for one another, and if something were to happen at my house, they’d notice and we’d get calls.”

Anyone who sees suspicious activity is asked to call Redford police at 313-387-2500.

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