Teen fired from Michigan Wendy’s for viral TikTok video of bath in sink speaks out

Paul Kash explains why he did it

Teen fired for bathing in a Wendy's sink tells his story

The teen fired from a Greenville Wendy’s for his TikTok video gets his next minute in the spotlight.

Paul Kash, 19, explains why he took a bath in a Wendy’s sink while at work.

He said it was a slow Sunday shift and he was just trying to make his coworkers laugh. He posted the video on TikTok and didn’t realize how big it would become.

“The next day my manager found it and then it immediately went to them talking about if I was going to be suspended or fired,” he said. “I fell asleep at like 6 p.m. and then woke up at 11 to my friend calling me saying, ‘Hey, you’re on the news.’ I was like 'what?’"

The Montcalm County Health Department investigated but no citations were issued.

Kash was fired, but he wants to make one thing clear: He wasn’t naked.