5 students charged as adults in Warren De La Salle hazing case -- what’s next?

Cleveland Harville III becomes fifth player arraigned in football hazing case

WARREN, Mich. – The last adult defendant in the Warren De La Salle football hazing assault case appeared in front of a judge Tuesday, so all five students being charged as adults have now been arraigned.

Cleveland Harville III, 18, was arraigned Tuesday morning in connection with the alleged hazing incident at a team dinner last year.

Ricky Pearson, Sean Bonery, Galiko Lovelace and Michael Young were arraigned Monday. All five players received $1,000 bond, as well as instructions not to have contact with victims.

A pre-trial hearing will be scheduled in the same courthouse, likely for next month. But during arraignments, every defense attorney noted that the defendants in the case are all African-American.

“It’s my contention that there’s a police report that’s 99 pages long that has a lot of names in it,” attorney Paul Addis said. “I just find it amazing that only seven are charged, and they’re all African-American.”

One attorney said a lawsuit would be filed.

“I think, quite honestly, within the next 30 days, my client will demonstrate to this court that he was not a participant in any of the assaultive behavior or allegations that are existing in the criminal proceedings and will thereafter pursue a civil remedy," attorney Greg Rohl said.

A civil suit against De La Salle High School is already in the works. It claims there was racial discrimination because the only students suspended were African-American despite claims that there was also a white student involved in the hazing.

Two juveniles will be charged as minors in the case.

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