Warren City Council members frustrated by strained relationship with Mayor Jim Fouts

‘Department heads have been told to not take our calls’

WARREN, Mich. – The agenda on the Warren City Council is starting to get backlogged because of a strained relationship between some new members and Mayor Jim Fouts.

“The department heads have been told to not take our calls and stop answering our questions," Warren City Council President Patrick Green said.

Fouts recently vetoed a Warren City Council resolution that required him to attend meetings. You can see the document, signed by Fouts, below.

“We’re just being stonewalled,” Green said. “We are trying to fight for the residents we represent to make sure their tax dollars are being spent appropriately, and for some reason, he does not want that to happen.”

“The bottom line is we can’t have seven mayors coming to city hall and barking orders at the department heads,” Fouts said.

Fouts said this is the way his office has always worked, but that council President Pat Green and secretary Mindy Moore have not wanted to work with his department heads, especially city attorney Ethan Vinson.

You can watch Jason Colthorp’s full story in the video posted above.

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