Coronavirus forces Metro Detroit realtors to change way they sell houses

Virtual tours become first step for buyers

DETROIT – An industry that’s drastically changing during the coronavirus pandemic is real estate. There are still people trying to buy and sell homes right now, so realtors are having to adjust the way they sell houses.

The days of walking through a house and considering buying it are on hold for now, and real estate agents such as Kim Yezbick are trying to figure out how to keep business moving.

Yezbick said she’s doing virtual tours.

“We’re doing a virtual event instead of an open house,” Yezbick said.

As she does these tours, especially for buyers, she’s changing her frame of mind

“When I’m going through, I’m walking as if I were the buyer,” Yezbick said.

Realtor and broker Dan Monk has been a broker for years. With a new real estate license, he too is working to make sales happen. He admitted a virtual tour can only be the first step.

“You can get a tour online, but nothing is the same as seeing the house, the neighborhood, how you’re going to lay out the house when you get there,” Monk said.

He said the positive right now is that mortgage rates are low, so it’s a good time to buy.

As of right now, everything that’s happening has not affected the home price market, and experts said that shouldn’t change unless the lockdown lasts for months.

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