New Era Detroit helps African American communities hit by COVID-19

DETROIT – New research shows that African Americans are being affected by coronavirus (COVID-19) at an alarming rate.

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New Era Detroit is hoping their efforts can help people, especially in the African American communities, by limiting overall contact with the outside world. In this case, a little kindness really goes a long way.

“Our thing is that we want to make sure that people are fed during this time,” said New Era Detroit President Zeek.

Zeek said black people have always lacked certain resources when it comes to health and other essentials.

“Look what’s around us. Liquor stores, all of these places that we have to eat that may not be the healthiest,” Zeek said.

Which is why he says now is the time more than ever to make sure that people in the African American community have exactly what they need to ride out this health crisis.

“If you’re an elder or somebody with a disability or without transportation we deliver groceries to your house free of charge -- enough groceries to last for a week,” Zeek said.

Ultimately Zeek believes the black community needs to take COVID-19 seriously, but also look at the overall bigger picture.

“After this slows down a bit, we really have to have a conversation on a large level -- why when things happen, why does it affect the African American community more?" Zeek said.

If they’re not able to come to you, they’ve started collaboration with the church designed to help those in need.

“We’ve partnered up with Triumph Church. If you need food, you can just drive up and pop the trunk and we put the food in the trunk and you can drive off,” Zeek said.

This drive-in type assistance will be offered Monday and Friday from the hours of 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Participants must register online first.