Jury service for Wayne County Third Circuit Court suspended until Aug. 17

Jury service suspended due to pandemic


DETROIT – Chief Judge Timothy M. Kenny has announced that the Wayne County Third Circuit Court is suspending jury service until Aug. 17, 2020.

Jurors who have received jury summons or a postcard advising them to appear prior to that date will not have to show up.

Their service will automatically be dismissed. These jurors do not have to take any additional action. The Third Circuit Court continues to operate under the Michigan Supreme Court’s Administrative Orders regarding the state of emergency and continues to take actions to ensure that the jurors, court users, and the public may remain home.

Jurors who have additional questions or concerns regarding jury service may contact 313-224-2507 or 313- 224-5650. Those with questions can also email juryservices@3rdcc.org.

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