AG Nessel asks police to be patient with businesses struggling to obtain masks for employees

Dana Nessel (WDIV)
Dana Nessel (WDIV)

LANSING, Mich. – Starting Monday, employers are required to supply employees with appropriate face coverings -- but masks still remain in short supply.

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The previous order encouraged residents to wear face coverings in enclosed places to slow the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), but now that is a requirement, as of Friday.

This new order only applies to people who can medically tolerate wearing a mask, officials said.

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Due to the high demand for masks, Attorney General Dana Nessel has requested police to consider the good faith efforts of businesses that have been unable to secure masks before taking action against a noncompliant business.

“I know many business owners around the state are working hard to reopen and comply with the Governor’s Executive Order. Securing appropriate face coverings by the Monday deadline, though, appears to be a difficult task for some businesses given limited supplies," Nessel said. “While businesses work diligently to find appropriate face coverings to meet the requirements of the Executive Order, I urge employees that can safely do so to use their own face coverings as protection until businesses provide face coverings as required by the Governor’s order. The Governor’s order requires that each of us -- businesses and employees -- work together to safely and successfully reopen our economy.”

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