Birmingham photographer captures quarantine life in pictures

Adam Green asks neighbors to pose in windows

BIRMINGHAM, Mich. – While Michigan’s stay-at-home order is in effect due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, a Birmingham photographer is trying to capture this unique time in our lives during his daily walk around the neighborhood.

The end result is pretty remarkable

Adam Green was looking to keep his creative juices flowing during quarantin.

“I thought about walking around just taking photographs of homes or the streets and stuff like that,” Green said.

After reaching out on his neighborhood Facebook page, asking his neighbors to pose in their windows, he quickly had 30 willing families

“People were really kind of seeking that little bit of attention and being able to interact with someone, even if it was through, like, a window glass,” Green said.

He was able to capture exactly what the world is experiencing.

“Instead of getting people on their porches, I really wanted to make this all about isolation in connection at the same time,” Green said. “So that’s why in all the photographs you’ll see everyone is behind a window sill or pain or a glass door.”

Green was able to connect with his neighborhood and meet total strangers through the photos.

“I was able to communicate with some of them through some screen windows, you know, and I heard some stories about people not working right now and things like that, and just everyone was really positive, so that was really cool,” Green said.

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