Franklin Football honors former coach Armand Vigna who died from COVID-19

Armand Vigna’s wife also died from coronavirus

LIVONIA, Mich. – The Livonia community is mourning the loss of a former Franklin High School football coach and his wife.

Armand Vigna, 84, died Tuesday of coronavirus (COVID-19) -- and just 12 hours later his wife of 61 years, Ruth Vigna, died.

The school where he coached wasn’t about to let it go unnoticed. Friday night almost felt like a game night -- but the people there were mostly former players and coaches. They were there to honor Vigna and his wife.

George Lovich was Vigna’s athletic director, defensive coordinator and friend.

Vigna revolutionized the job when he took over in 1975 with his computerized game plans scouting opposing teams.

The school honored Vigna with the marquee lights, field lights and lit the scoreboard up with the final score from the 1975 championship game.

One final Friday night lights for the former coach and his wife.

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Hear from people who knew him in the video above

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