Detroit man loses 3 family members within week, 2 to COVID-19

A family loses three members in one week due to coronavirus.

DETROIT – The last few weeks have been rough for Toson Knight. He’s normally helping others get through tough situations, but now he’s trying to get through his own hard times. Three of his family members died in jut days, two of them from COVID-19.

Update May 7, 2020: Michigan coronavirus (COVID-19) cases up to 45,646; Death toll now at 4,343

“It’s been really tough,” said Toson Knight.

Toson Knight said getting through the last couple of weeks, used every ounce of his energy, “It’s an experience I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy,” said Knight.

He just lost three of his family members, in just days. His uncle died from natural causes, his aunt and mother Angela Knight passed away from COVID-19, “We buried my aunt on Friday, I think my mom died that Monday, it was rough for sure,” said Knight.

And his uncle died, that same week, “He died a day before my mom,” said Knight.

Many know Toson Knight for helping youth, overcome tough obstacles. He started the mentoring organization called ‘Caught Up’, a mentorship program that inspires, molds and empowers young men to be productive members of society. It’s the same morals, his mother installed into him, now he’s forced to dig deep inside to overcome his own challenge, “I always felt like I had control over my emotions, and able to stay strong. When you lose your mom, it’s a different type of feeling, you know,” said Knight.

Knight said he has been on an emotional rollercoaster, watching and hearing people express their frustrations with the current economy, but he’s asking people to focus on the bigger picture, “I definitely, want to use caution, with the idea of opening up, because the experience of death is unimaginable.”

Anyone who believes they might have coronavirus should follow the CDC guidelines. has a list of resources available to those concerned about COVID-19.

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