Smaller crowd gathers outside Capitol Building to protest stay-at-home orders

LANSING, Mich. – With more than 48,000 and 4,700 deaths in Michigan, a crowd took to the state capitol Thursday to protest the stay-at-home order.

The protests have been a major point of contention during the coronavirus pandemic -- Gov. Whitmer said protestors aren’t following social distancing rules and could extend the pandemic and stay-at-home order, but the demonstrators said that’s a stretch.

Thursday’s protest was different from the last two. The driving rain, lightning and thunder had some impact, but there are fewer participants than the past, including the one held during snow and freezing rain.

No arrests although the state police are saying there was a scuffle between some protestors.

Whitmer has called out the protestors for racism, intimidation and ignoring social distancing, which she said could spread the virus.

The legislature was not in session so there wasn’t e any indoor capitol protests like last time.

While the governor says she is using science and data to guide her decisions, organizer Adam Deangeli said the governor is in dangerous, uncharted territory.

Protestor Lynn Mills took exception with the governor.

“This is ridiculous. Stop messing with us," Mills said. "Open up our state and give the barber his license back. How dare you?”

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