Monroe facing flooding as River Raisin overflows

Some residential streets covered in water

MONROE COUNTY, Mich. – Parts of Monroe could literally be seen underwater as the River Raisin overflowed in some places.

Several residential streets were too covered to even drive over.

Surprisingly, Geoffery Harrington, the owner of Vince’s drive in -- right on the river isn’t worried. His restaurant has been here for over three decades and it has only flooded twice.

“We had three feet of water inside. I had to take everything outside, wash it down and sanitize it. That’s the worst part, cleaning up,” Harrington said.

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But what about the people living on the water? To Nancy Maloche and Rick Hilyer things look quite different.

“It is very high right now. Very very high. I’d say probably about six feet higher than what it usually is. Usually, in the Summer Time you can walk over there no problem -- a huge stone walkway,” Maloche said.

Both claim this it’s the highest and roughest they’ve seen the water the entire time that they’ve lived in the area. Luckily, they believe they’ll be fine because of how their home was built.

“I sit up high and there’s a sea wall out there. They sit down low. I sit up high. I’m on a hill,” added Maloche.

“I put some dirt bags around. You can’t stop It from coming in. You can’t stop that Mother Nature,” concluded, Harrington.

At this point, it’s believed the water has finally come to a crest.

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