Fourth night of protests against police brutality in Detroit ends peacefully

DETROIT – The fourth night of protests in Detroit against police brutality in the name of George Floyd started like the others, with a rally outside of Detroit Police Department headquarters.

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On Monday, the group of 300-400 marched through Corktown, Mexicantown and then returned to Downtown Detroit. When they got to downtown they combined with another 150 protesters as the city’s curfew set in.

Some protesters said they are growing tired of the city’s assertion that outsiders are not welcome at the protests.

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Several police officers in riot gear were waiting for the crowd at the corner of Michigan Avenue and Third Street.

After several tense minutes, organizers rallied the troops to go home peacefully. Veteran Detroit leaders like Pastor Mo and Rev. Wendell Anthony were in the mix to diffuse the situation.

Stefan Perez, 16, also worked to keep things calm. “I can lead as many protests as I need to. People know my name,” Perez said. “I care about the message.”

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Detroit police say 40 individuals were arrested during Monday’s protest -- comparably less than the number of people arrested during the weekend protests Downtown.

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