Protesters shut down Hall Road for hours in Sterling Heights

Protesters take to the streets for second week of protests

DETROIT – The streets of Macomb County were quiet Saturday night. It’s hard to believe that nearly every inch of Hall Road was covered with protesters marching hours earlier.

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Thousands took to the streets in Sterling Heights for yet another wave of protests that literally shut down traffic for hours on Hall Road.

Police had blocked off a stretch of the road to allow the protesters to march.

People of all colors and ages offered their support in the middle of the street, including Pastor Frank Robinson.

“Sometimes it takes something tragic to happen to bring the glory of God in," Robinson said. "I’m just proud of this generation, because they are standing for truth today. They’re standing for truth.”

At one point, a handful of armed members from the Michigan Militia silently appeared. Aside from a few angry words, there were no problems at all.

“This shows you that there is a lot of diversity out here," said "People are tired of that traditional thinking,”

Protestors were also quite vocal about their disapproval of Shelby Township police chief Robert Shelide, who’s currently on paid administrative leave following a series of social media posts seemingly approving of violent police acts.

“I’m really glad that people are out here just really acknowledging the fact cause that’s where we have to start," said

"We have to start acknowledging what’s going on in our world today.”

There was only one medical issue Saturday when a woman overheated and caught a heat stroke. There were no other injuries or issues reported.

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