COVID-19 survivor gets married to partner of 5 years at Beaumont Royal Oak

EMT discharged from hospital recently

ROYAL OAK, Mich. – An EMT who was hospitalized for coronavirus (COVID-19) is getting married to his “special lady” at Beaumont Royal Oak on Friday.

The couple has been together for five years. The 37-year-old EMT was discharged from the hospital recently after being a patient for 35 days.

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Officials said normal medications didn’t work for him. They said a pain specialized tried a novel approached that allowed him to rest and heal.

The EMT refers to his partner as his “special lady.” She wasn’t allowed to visit him while he was being treated but she did everything to stay connected.

The couple was married Friday afternoon in a conference room in the same nursing unit where he survived. He said he never felt the need to be married, but after everything they’d been through taking this next step felt right.

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The best man was a nurse who took care of the patient. The officiant was a fellow employee at the EMS company where they work. It was a socially distant ceremony.

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