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    ‘It’s very dangerous’: DEA warns of candy-like meth circulating in Midwestern region

    Officials say the meth is a hazard to everyone

    DETROIT – The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) said meth disguised as candy, or child vitamins, is creeping its way into the Midwestern region.

    “This is the first time that we’ve really seen this,” said DEA Special Agent in Charge of Detroit Field Division, Keith Martin.

    Officials said a handful of the meth is enough to kill someone.

    “In the last couple months, we’ve seen these meth pills that look like candy, or some people say they look like Flintstone vitamins, but they’re actually meth pills,” Martin said.

    This is the first time the drug in this form has seen here in the Midwestern region.

    “We do know that the cartels are using the same routes that they’ve used for the last hundred years, they’re using the same transportation routes,” Martin said.

    However, Martin said it’s the method in how these drugs are concealed is what’s changing. And it’s a hazard to ultimately everyone.

    “It’s very dangerous because it looks like candy. It’s dangerous for adults, and it’s definitely dangerous for children,” Martin said.

    The DEA said the best thing to do to is to make sure you or anyone in your family doesn’t become a victim is to remain aware.

    “They should actually be talking to their children they should show them those photos, and explain,” Martin said.

    If you do happen to come across any candy or vitamins that appear to be suspicious. Report it immediately by calling the police.

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