Oakland County judge denies release of 15-year-old in juvenile detention for not completing online school work

Teen sent to detention for violating probation

Controversy brews after teen sent to juvenile detention
Controversy brews after teen sent to juvenile detention

OAKLAND COUNTY, Mich. – A 15-year-old who was sent to juvenile detention for violating her probation by not completing online schoolwork will remain at Children’s Village.

The case has drawn national attention and protesters are calling it racial discrimination. The controversy centers around “Grace,” a Wylie E. Groves High School student who got caught up in the juvenile justice system.

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On Friday, Oakland County Judge Mary Ellen Brennan denied the girl’s immediate release and kept her in detention through the weekend. On Monday, the judge denied early release again and scheduled a hearing for September.

“We remain hopeful that Judge Brennan reconsiders her earlier decision, and releases Grace back into the care of her mother,” said Jon C. Biernat, the attorney for “Grace,” last week.

The teen has been held in juvenile detention since May for not completing her online school work, according to the group Justice for Grace.

According to the group, the teen’s mother released the following statement:

“While we attempt to untangle the web that now confines my daughter and keeps her away from me, her family and the support that she needs, I want to thank the seemingly endless number of people -- including numerous elected officials -- who have expressed their concern and offered their support at the rallies. This situation is an emotional challenge, but is also a window into the brokenness that demands and deserves attention and repair as to prevent other children and families from being negatively impacted by a system that is supposed to offer protection and support.”

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