Forced outside by COVID-19, young Michigan gymnasts fight to maintain skills

Michigan one of the few states that didn't reopen gyms

PLYMOUTH, Mich. – The social distancing rules in Michigan have forced many athletes to practice outdoors -- but there are some environments you just can’t recreate.

It’s been a real struggle for Michigan’s young gymnasts whose training has taken a big hit.

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The athletes of Euro Stars Gymnastics have been practicing in the parking lot. Using masks, hand sanitizer, personal mats and equipment, the Euro Stars in Plymouth are making it work.

The problem with the parking lot is that the athletes can’t really train.

“You need a lot of strength that you only build up on equipment,” said Sophia Reddy. “Different than other sports. You can’t do it in the parking lot.”

And it’s not a level playing field either -- other states have opened up their gyms and it’s those athletes the Euro Stars will compete against for college scholarships.

The athletes have started to travel to Ohio to fit in some precious time on equipment.

Coaches, parents, children -- all frustrated because they believe the 30,000 square foot facility could reopen safely with precautions.

You can watch Jamie Edmonds’ full story in the video above.

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