New data shows who thieves are targeting, how much has been taken

More than 140,000 complaints have been filed with the FTC nationally since March

DETROIT – New numbers paint a disturbing picture of who is being targeted, and how much thieves are stealing.

There have been 2,736 complaints filed in Michigan with the Federal Trade Commission since March -- a 117% increase since the beginning of the pandemic.

There’s been $2.66 million in losses, averaging about $248 per victim.

California, Florida and New York have filed the most complaints.

Nationally, 144,727 complaints have been filed with the FTC since March, with $93 million total in loses.

The most common scams include price gouging, undelivered goods, free groceries scams, identity theft, email and text scams and robocall scams.

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If you have been contacted by someone impersonating a government official, file a complaint with the FTC on its official website or by calling 877-FTC-Help.

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