Tense night in Shelby Township as protesters are confronted by police, counter protesters

Protests centered around Police Chief Robert Shelide

SHELBY TOWNSHIP, Mich. – Another tense night in Shelby Township as protesters stood outside township offices and marched.

Police arrested at least two protesters. In recent weeks there have been a handful of counter protesters, people who support the Shelby Township Police Department and president Donald Trump.

On Wednesday night they came out in droves to match the number of protesters and things got very heated. Shelby Township police made it clear to protesters that they would not tolerate anyone in the street stopping traffic.

The protests were centered around Shelby Township Police Chief Robert Shelide’s conduct. Shelide was suspended for comments he made on social media about the George Floyd protests.

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In addition to the inflammatory social media posts, Local 4 confirmed Shelide sent the an email in June to the entire department asking them to read an article titled “The myth of systemic police racism.”

On Wednesday, protesters marched for a few miles without incident, but then returned to township offices to find around 45 counter protesters holding their own rally.

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