Harper Woods Mayor Kenneth Poynter turns in letter of resignation amid controversy

Death of woman in police custody sparked protests

Harper Woods mayor resigns over alleged racist comments
Harper Woods mayor resigns over alleged racist comments

HARPER WOODS, Mich. – The mayor of Harper Woods, Kenneth Poynter, has turned in a letter of resignation.

Protests have been taking place in Harper Woods over the death of 37-year-old Priscilla Slater. Slater died while in police custody. She had been arrested in connection with a shooting incident on June 9.

Slater was found unresponsive inside a holding cell on June 10 in Harper Woods. According to officials, medics immediately attempted to revive Slater but were unsuccessful.

Priscilla’s death sparked multiple protests, including in front of the mayor’s home. Teferi Brent said the protest was because of an incident that happened where the mayor’s wife ripped up a protester’s sign while some of Slater’s loved ones were present. Poynter said it was a sincere attempt to offer condolences gone wrong.

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The city manager had asked Poynter to resign after the mayor came under criticism for making controversial comments.

Key witness says he saw Priscilla Slater during shooting before she died in Harper Woods cell

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