Employee charged with attacking Alzheimer’s patient at West Bloomfield nursing home

An assisted living employee has been charged with attacking a patient.

WEST BLOOMFIELD, Mich. – Police said it may have happened so he could steal her jewelry.

Stacey Mercer is facing Elder Abuse Charges for an attack on a 69-year-old woman with Alzheimer’s disease at the Villa at Green Lake Estates in West Bloomfield.

Stacey Tirrell Mercer, 31, is in trouble for Elder Abuse in the 4th Degree and Unarmed Robbery. Police said Mercer was an employee at the Villa at Green Lake Estates when he allegedly abused a 69-year-old woman and stole her wedding ring off her finger.

“So this incident actually came to our attention on July, 15, the victim’s husband came in stated that he had just seen her at a local hospital and she had a contusion above her right eye, and there was a lot of scratches around her ring finger so he’s obviously concerned for her welfare,” said Deputy Chief Curtis Lawson with West Bloomfield Police. “We looked into it right away and found out that the incident itself actually happened on July 11 at a local nursing home here within West Bloomfield, our detectives began the investigation. They determined pretty quickly who the suspect was, they obtained video from the facility itself and they actually watched as the individual on several occasions tried to remove the ring from our victims finger, and in doing so, roughed up our victim and allegedly caused injuries to our finger.”

Deputy Chief Curtis Lawson with West Bloomfield Police showed us photos of the bruised hand. Lawson said Mercer worked there for the last two days, “From what we saw on the video, we could only see where allegedly that the scratches occur from him trying to remove the ring from her finger. She’s had that ring since 1969. And my understanding is it hasn’t come off of her finger very much.”

The nursing released this statement to Local 4:

The man named in the article was employed as a Certified Nursing Assistant at Green Lake Estates from 2018 until July 21, 2020. Green Lake Estates performed all required background checks, which did not reveal any concerns.

On July 20, 2020, Administration at Green Lake Estates was contacted by the West Bloomfield police about a resident’s missing ring. This had not been previously reported to or known by Green Lake Estates. Villa at Green Lake Estates has a zero tolerance policy for theft. Villa at Green Lake Estates recognizes the sentimental value of the missing ring and will work to assist the family in obtaining the ring.

Neither the police nor anyone else reported any allegations of physical abuse related to the alleged theft to Green Lake Estates.

Administration at Green Lake Estates immediately cooperated with the West Bloomfield police and partnered with them to facilitate his arrest on July 21, 2020. He was not allowed to provide patient care after the allegations were brought to the attention of Villa at Green Lake Estates and his employment was terminated after an investigation of the matter.

Villa at Green Lake Estates will continue to cooperate fully with West Bloomfield police. Villa does not tolerate any form of abuse, including theft or attempted theft of Company property or property of any employee, patient, or visitor.

Villa’s employee handbook, which is reviewed with every employee states:

“Each patient has the right to a dignified existence, self-determination, and communication with access to persons and services inside and outside the building. Each patient also has the right to be free from verbal, sexual, physical and mental abuse, corporal punishment and involuntary seclusion. Each patient must be treated with consideration and respect in full recognition of his or her dignity.

Villa Healthcare will promote and protect the rights of each patient. Your behavior must reflect your belief in these patient rights. Failure to observe these rights will result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.”