Michigan Humane takes in evacuated animals impacted by Hurricane Laura

More than 30 dogs taken in from Louisiana shelters

Michigan Humane aids animals impacted by Hurricane Laura
Michigan Humane aids animals impacted by Hurricane Laura

Michigan Humane staff and volunteers helped 34 dogs that were evacuated from shelters in Louisiana Friday afternoon.

These dogs come from animal shelters across Louisiana and have come to Michigan to help create space in these shelters as they work to support animals displaced by Hurricane Laura.

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The dogs on brought in -- facilitated through a partnership with Wings of Rescue and GreaterGood.org -- had been available for adoption at their home shelters and not those that have become lost due to Hurricane Laura.

“Our team has responded to calls for help for a number of hurricanes and we’ve seen the devastation first hand-the loss of life and destruction of property are sobering, but in a way they are galvanizing as well. We’ve seen people from across the country come together with the goal of helping those affected,” said Michigan Humane president and CEO Matt Pepper. “It doesn’t matter that we live here in Michigan and they are in Louisiana. Their community, and the animals that they love, are just like ours and we’re proud to be able to support not only our partners in animal welfare but their neighbors, friends and family as they work through this disaster.”

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The shelter said the dogs flown in will be given time to decompress and adjust to life here in Michigan before they are ready to be placed with new families. Updates regarding their status will be posted on the Michigan Humane Facebook page.

Footage of the flight’s arrival and the dogs disembarking -- provided by Michigan Humane -- can be seen in the video player above.

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