‘We have to get this right’: Gov. Whitmer hints at plan for Michigan gyms, bowling alleys, theaters

Whitmer doesn’t reveal reopening plan at COVID-19 briefing

LANSING, Mich. – The owners of Michigan gyms and other businesses were hoping to hear the governor address reopening plans Wednesday, but that didn’t happen.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer didn’t officially announce a plan at her coronavirus (COVID-19) briefing, but she hinted that a decision should be revealed in the coming days.

Business owners might be able to reopen after Labor Day, but they were hoping an official plan would be revealed Wednesday.

“We have to get this right,” Whitmer said. “We take this very seriously, and the decisions that will I make in the coming days and announce are made in a way that will be protecting athletes and families and coaches and parents and patrons, or small business owners, as well.”

The governor has been getting pushback from business owners, patients and students when it comes to allowing gyms to reopen and team sports to be played.

For example, Ohio’s gyms have been open since May, and after initially saying football wouldn’t happen, the Michigan High School Athletic Association did an about-face and said the final decision would be up to Whitmer.

Whitmer said last week that she wouldn’t be bullied into making these decisions. When asked Wednesday, she didn’t elaborate who was doing the bullying.

“I’m not going to be pushed or encouraged or tweeted at to make a decision that isn’t supported by the best science, that doesn’t have the appropriate protocols,” Whitmer said.

She also invited Huntington Bank on stage to announce it will make a $5 billion available over five years to help small businesses and encourage minority home ownership in Michigan.

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