New service helps families finding the right tutor for your child

New service helps families find Zutors -- private tutors

DETROIT – With remote learning kicking up again, more and more parents are finding it difficult to do it alone and are turning to tutors to step in and help.

When you’re working from home and trying to help your children get through virtual learning, things can get overwhelming. Elyssa Katz, a working mother of three, discovered an answer and she’s using that to try to help other families.

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Like so many other families, when schools closed in the spring, she needed to come up with a game plan for her children and fast.

“We -- like everybody else -- were having a lot lot of trouble with distance learning,” Katz said.

So she started interviewing teachers and summer camp counselors. Soon her friends and neighbors asked for her help finding teachers too.

“I was already having anxiety in July about the fall and I knew that we weren’t going to go back right away,” Katz said. “So I thought, ’OK, what am I going to do to help my family?’ and I knew that I wanted to get a teacher, like a teaching aid for my kids to help them with during school.”

Katz describes The Zutor Concierge like a matchmaking service that pairs families who need help with preschool teachers and tutors in their area. She uses a teach to screen anyone who applies to find the right fit for families all over the country.

“Most school started this week here, so they’re like ‘This is a game changer,’” Katz said. “It’s like night and day. My kids are organized, they’re on task, I can do work. I can feel I can sleep basically and I think it’s just taken a weight off of families.”

For more information on The Zutor Concierge, visit the official website here.

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