Dozens of pieces of Inuit art found in decrepit Rochester Hills home

Art to be restored, put on display at Detroit art gallery

Newly discovered valuable art draws attention

DETROIT – Galerie Camille, located on Cass Avenue, is the new home of recently found Inuit art.

Several colorful and vibrant prints -- some even signed by the artist -- were found in a waterlogged, dilapidated house in Rochester Hills that had been vacant for years. The Native artifacts were uncovered during renovation of the home.

Nearly 40 paintings and drawings have been found. Eventually the pieces will be on display at Galerie Camille after being restored.

Adnan Charara, with Galerie Camille, said some of the pieces are damaged with mold, stains and tears, but they will be on display after being restored.

The prior owner of the house was an art teacher and aficionado whose collection was left behind in the house when he died.

More information on Galerie Camille can be found on its official website here or its official Facebook page here.

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