WeRun313 running club aims to connect with Black runners in Detroit, gives away running shoes

Club’s mission is to connect with ‘like-minded individuals’

Detroit running club gives away running shoes

DETROIT – WeRun313, a Detroit running club aiming to connect Black runners and help grow the sport in the community, is taking a new step to help their mission.

“We Run 313 is a social run club that connects like-minded individuals, through running to build a healthier and happy community,” said co-founder Lance Woods.

Woods, who started the club with Joe Robinson, said the club’s mission defines its motto -- “Connect. Run. Build.” Woods said running is something uncommon in the Black community.

“You don’t always see Black people running and we wanted to change the narrative on that because it’s so important for our physical health and mental health. Joe and I noticed that a lot of people weren’t running in proper running shoes,” Woods said.

Robinson said, “Today (Tuesday), WeRun313 has linked up with Playmakers Fit and we come together to give away about 150 pairs of shoes, running shoes."

Robinson said the event is important, because having the right shoe is key.

“The concept came from actually Playmakers, who emailed us about three months ago, and said that they had a huge amount of shoes and they wanted to find something to do with them and who better but WeRun313," said Robinson. "We been promoting this for about two weeks now, so the shoes are assigned. About 100 of them are already claimed but there’s about another 50 pair of shoes that we’ll have that people can get first come first serve.”