Volunteers go door-to-door to find lost Detroit students

An estimated 4,000 students have not shown up for 2020-21 school year

DETROIT – Volunteers with the Detroit Public Schools Community District are going door-to-door and trying to get students back in the classroom or in front of a computer screen.

School has been in session for more than three weeks, but hundreds of students still haven’t shown up.

The DPSCD started an effort to reach out and find 4,000 students who have not shown up for class remotely, in person or in a learning center.

In a district with ostensibly 51,000 students registered, it amounts to 8% who have somehow gotten lost because of COVID-19.

About 300 volunteers make up canvassing teams, who work numerous shifts and drive into neighborhoods where the district knows students were to find out if they are still present. Then they get signed up, signed in and resource packets are handed to families with school supplies and information.

Since the canvassing started volunteers have made contact with 2,500 students and an estimated 600 students have already shown up in class, in learning centers or online.


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