103-year-old Detroiter seeks to inspire others to vote

Talu Massey remembers the first time she voted

DETROIT – How many people can say they’ve voted in every presidential election since Franklin D. Roosevelt? A Detroit woman can.

A public service announcement, featuring the woman and shot all over the country, is designed to push people toward the polls.

The announcement features Talu Massey, 103, who said she can remember the first time she voted. She has already cast her ballot for this year too.

Massey said the secret to her longevity and health is to “have fun, but do everything in moderation.” And, of course, “stay involved in your community.”

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On Wednesday night both Joe Biden and President Donald Trump will take part in seperate town halls to speak to voters. The former vice president will be in Philadelphia. Trump will be in Miami. Both town halls air on seperate networks and start at 8 p.m.

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